No. 01. About us

Who we are and what we do

Few words about our company, abilities and advantages

Welcome to Inter Properties, the leading team of experts in Spanish commercial real estate.

We help our clients to find the most attractive real estate opportunities, build property portfolios, manage, increase the value, and maximize the profitability of real estate assets.

Our clients are private investors, family offices, investment funds and real estate developers. We offer customized solutions in line with each client’s business strategy and returns expectations.



We take pride in our real estate transactions experience and market knowledge. Our team members have closed more than 1 billion euros in real estate transactions.

Our wide network of direct connections with key market players and assets owners gives us access to the most promising assets available.

We carefully identify the needs of every client and offer services tailored to meet each client’s expectations.

In addition to real estate advisory services, our team provides professional transaction support, legal and tax advisory services, and property management services.

We are not an estate agent and never work in the interest of the sellers. This allows us to provide clients with the most comprehensive and most objective information on real estate assets.