Spain is the world’s 6th largest property investment market

Spain is the sixth largest real estate investment market in the world according the latest global report by property consultant CBRE. Spain continues to rise as a destination for investment in real estate assets, having risen from 16th place in 2013 to 11th in 2014. With investment data until June 2015, Spain ranks ahead of other markets such as France, Canada or China.

This rise is mainly due to the inflow of international capital, which accounted for 31% of the investment made in Spain in the first six months of the year. By the end of the first six months the investment in Spain reached 8,500 million euros, as of September the volume raised to 10,800 million euros.

Real estate investment worldwide reached 407,000 million in the first half of the year, the best half since the previous cyclical peak in 2007, when they totaled 441,000 million. US, UK and Germany remain, by far, the three largest real estate investment markets in the world. The total investment in these three countries totals 301,000 million euros (74% market share).

Source: El Mundo