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Spain is known for its sunny climate, boundless beaches, delicious national cuisine and centuries-old culture. But these are by no means the only factors which attract investors from all over the world to Spain. There are some fundamental reasons to invest in Spain.

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Some important facts about Spain


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Strong macroeconomic indicators

The Spanish economy, with a GDP value of USD 1.4 trillion ranks 13th in size worldwide and 5th in the EU.

In 2014, Spain returned to a path of stable economic growth, increasing GDP by 1.7%. According to data from Eurostat, Eurozone GDP growth in the final quarter of 2014 was mainly achieved by GDP growth of Germany and Spain.

Favorable business climate

Spain ranks 9th in the world in a rating of openness to foreign investment (OECD FDI Restrictiveness Index).

Domestic market of over 46 million consumers and free access to the EU market.

Moderate tax burden, thanks to lowered corporate income tax rate (25% starting from 2016) and attractive corporate tax allowance and deduction system (20.1% effective rate)

Developed banking system, easy access and low cost of bank financing.

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Developed infrastructure

47 modern airports handle over 150 million passengers annually (according to Eurostat data).

Spain ranks 3rd in the world and 1st in Europe for length of high-speed railway (according to data from the International Union of Railways).

Spain ranks 1st in Europe for length of automobile roads (according to data from Eurostat).

With 46 ports along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Spain holds one of the leading positions globally in ratings for the quality of port infrastructure (according to data from Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum).

Large potential of the real estate market

Since 2007, real estate prices in Spain have fallen by more than 40%. In 2014 the fall levelled out, which has given many experts reason to conclude that the Spanish real estate market has bottomed out and will give way to an upward trend in the near future. This is confirmed by data from the real estate market on the two largest cities (Madrid and Barcelona), where prices in real estate have already started to grow.

While real estate and rent prices in Germany, Great Britain and France have already reached pre-crisis levels, Spain still maintains a serious potential for growth.

The threshold for entering the Spanish commercial property market is significantly lower than in typical destinations for commercial property investment (Great Britain, France and the USA).

Due to the European Central Bank’s ‘quantitative easing’ policy, weakening European currency is making the Spanish property market even more attractive to investors from countries with strong currencies, which will also have a knock-on effect on the property market growth.

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